Guardian angel


I stood at an old and isolated port, checking all my luggage for the last time. Time was running short and even a short delay could ruin everything I had been planning to do. I tossed away some stuff I would no longer need. Part of it dropped into the still deep blue sea below, causing waves to ripple from the impact. Soon, a stranger would notice the turbulence and know that somebody had got to this pier, but by that time, I would already be sailing away on the ocean in this tiny and shabby wooden boat in front of me.

I unzipped my backpack, laid it in the boat and then loosened the rope securing the boat to the pier. Cold autumn wind blew upon my face as I stepped into the boat. My lips chapped. My eyes were weary and my legs were tired from the long winding road that I had travelled past. I sat quietly, took a deep breath and let my tired eyes rest. The wind kept blowing stronger and stronger, soon running wild just as my thoughts were.

I woke up again by a small drop of water that fell on my cheek. Strong winds had pushed the boat away from the empty pier. I could smell the rain in the air. Far away, a storm was raging angrily while streaks of different shades were dancing gleefully in the gloomy sky, illuminating the dark clouds for a short while. I knew that there was nothing to be afraid of and I would be safe and sound in this boat I had taken. I looked back to the pier for the last time. The stuff that I had left was still there, as well as the trail I had made. Apart from that, everything looked just like how it had always been.

My little boat drifted slowly towards the sun that was setting over the horizon. I laid back and reconsidered all the decisions I had made. Although I was pretty happy about everything, a small part in me still sought for comfort and stability and it gave me butterflies in my stomach. The final remnants of sunlight was scattered across the sky, making everything yellow. I looked up to the sky and saw a flock of seagulls flying. Higher up above, orange clouds were moving rapidly – much quicker that I had ever thought they could. I watched it transforming in astonishment for a while, letting the ray of light shine upon me, then somehow I felt relieved and upbeat. I grabbed a notebook and a pencil out of my backpack, turned to a blank page and started to write something…


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